ABC executives are holding Whoopi Goldberg completely responsible for the $22 million payoff to Kyle Rittenhouse to resolve The View’s settlement agreement. Chief Financial Officer Joe Barron says it’s not up to the company or its shareholders to foot the bill for Goldberg’s big mouth.

The settlement stems from The View’s coverage of the case against Rittenhouse, during which she called him a murderer on numerous occasions. After he was acquitted, making him a hero instead of a monster for protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans, the dreadlocked host continues to call him mean names, which is unlawful once he was proven innocent.

Days after the trial, when Rittenhouse announced the suit against Goldberg and The View, she was still calling him names and proclaiming him guilty. It’s as if she believes being on a talk show in a country with constitutionally-protected free speech just gives her the green light to speak her mind to the public on her television show.

An insider says it’s unlikely that she’ll budge, or that she’ll be fired. “The most likely outcome here is a bunch of angry taters and literally nothing else.” The source, an intern named Art Tubolls, agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity but was declined when we determined he had little to add.



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