District Attorney Joe Barron of Little Rock County, Arkansas will begin investigating the Vince Foster case again, after his exhumed body provided valuable new evidence into how he died. According to Barron, both Bill and Hillary Clinton are “possible witnesses” to the crime, but he wouldn’t elaborate.

Foster was allegedly murdered in 1991 with a cover story of suicide. The official account says he rowed a small paddle boat into the middle of Canobie Lake in Upstate Arkansas and shot himself in the back of the head, twice. The entire scene supposedly happened just offshore of where Bill was holding a fundraiser for his upcoming presidential run. They saw the flash, sent for help, and made sure Foster was “taken care of in accordance with his wishes.”

Foster, according to his family, was Presbyterian, but the Clintons contended he had converted to Messianic Judaism, and would therefore need to be in the ground, unembalmed, within four hours, just as Christ was. With only Hillary’s personal physician on the death certificate, Foster was buried without ceremony.

It was a sad man for a man who was an advisor to a President, a husband, and a father. God bless his soul, even though he was a Democrat. Hopefully, his last act of good will will be providing enough evidence to convict the Clintons of murder once and for all.

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