Candace Cameron Bure, known for her childhood role or Full House as well as her adult reboot of Full House and some other things, is about to embark on a journey many would call “brave.” She’s taken a spot on “The View.”

The show typically has one conservative host since Elizabeth Hasselbeck stumbled into the role. The only fan of George W. Bush on the panel, she remained the voice of reason for nearly a decade before moving on to do pretty much nothing.

Since then, the show has been through several conservatives. all of whom left for the same reason: bullying.

“I’m not afraid of the,” said Bure in a statement, “Let them try to bully or embarrass me. I’m washed in the light and love of the holy spirit.”

Whoopi Goldberg says she’s thrilled to finally have an opposition voice back on the show and can’t wait to “tear her down, break her soul, and send her packing.” Clearly, she harbors resentments for the times Bure referred to her hair as “a mop.”

“That’s the number one comment on social media,” Bure said, “it’s not racist if it’s true.”

Bure will start her new job as soon as she completes ABC’s mandatory sensitivity training and learns the gender identities of everyone on the site. God Bless America.

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