Dennis Miller made the move to team Roseanne today, officially joining her morning talk show titled “Unwoke With Roseanne Barr.” Miller will be one of four conservatives, including Barr, and one liberal.

Those spots have yet to be named, but Miller weighed in with some thoughts of his own. “I’d really like to sit next to Tomi Lahren for a bit,” he said, “I hear she’s intelligent and funny and that she smells sublime.”

Lahren is well-known to be on Rosie’s shortlist, along with Candace Owens, Judge Janine Pirro, and Dr. Ben Carson. “I really want Chuck Norris,” she said, “but he’s busy rebooting Walker: Texas Ranger.”

As for the liberal, that could be tough. “The View” always has a token conservative ever since they realized that picking on Elizabeth Hasselbeck was easy and fun. But who on the left would be willing to sit through the nonstop barrage of awesomeness from Roseanne and the sheer vocabularistics of Miller’s analyzationals will make this a difficult gig for any lefty.

So far, Alyssa Milano is a solid no, as is Amy Schumer. There’s always the possibility that Alec Baldwin will be desperate enough to take the seat once his trial is over and his life falls apart.

It doesn’t really matter who takes up the mantle. If they’re sitting across from Roseanne Barr and Dennis Miller, they’re going to get crushed. God Bless America.


  1. anna o ross

    im confident in knowing that whichever liberal is chosen, they will not be treated as nasty as the view treats conservative guests.

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