Keanu Reaves, known as the nicest actor in Hollywood, says he’s angry and frustrated with the Democrats.

According to sources close to the source of the frontman’s press agent, Reeves says he can “no longer support the platform. It doesn’t make sense for all Americans.”

Reeves has always been up to agreeable compromise, as most Republicans are. He says he’d gladly talk about a few measures of gun control if we’d just stop murdering the unborn, according to another source who may or may not know Reeves personally. Several of the sources involved with the source confirm it as credible, and since sourcing, Reeves has spoken on the issue publicly:

“I do not support what’s happening. I’m angry and frustrated.”

Reeves answered our request for a comment, which we didn’t expect, but alas, he is extremely kind, so we really shouldn’t have been surprised.

“I did say that, yes guys. But her, I was specifically referring to that absolute dick Joe Manchin. I never said I was walking away from the party. But I totally get why you guys are doing what you do and respect your art, dudes. Peace out.”

The issue with Reeves’ statement isn’t so much whether it’s actually from him, as we couldn’t verify the email address, a perfectly valid excuse, but that it actually sounds feasible because the guy really is just that nice.

God bless you, Keanu Reeves. And God bless America.

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