The State of Florida won’t face a suit from “woke” Disney, says Judge Joseph Barron of the 62nd Federal Court of Municipal Appeals and Affidavits. “Disney reaps what Disney sows,” said the judge in a scathing decision.

“If Disney would have continued catering to children instead of the woke left, there may be a case here, but that’s not what happened. Kids go to a Disney park now and leave crying and confused after drag shows and pride mparades. The bathrooms don’t have gender signs. Half of the princesses are biological males. Two still wear mustaches. I’m not going to be the judge who decides that’s okay and sends a dead case back to a state court. The 11th Amendment applies.”

Disney will now have no choice but to sell off all its property in Orange County, which is mostly undeveloped swamp but includes two residential neighborhoods and their “Wokeness Training” facility. Disney is also looking at a new $4 billion tax burden from Ron DeSantis’ latest legislation, the “Punish Wokeness” bill.

If signed into law, the bill will punish any company that espouses anything other than traditional American family values. Disney, with all its debauchery and women kissing throughout their new movies, certainly won’t qualify.

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  1. Glen BRITTAIN

    I used to work at disney, less than 20 years ago, and if it was then the way it is now, I woulda let them Know why I was Quiting. That all is total Garbage. That is all soooo Sad.

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