Even though a large percentage of registered Republicans actually believe that President Joe Biden was elected due to fraudulent votes, the fact remains that none of that absolute hogwash is remotely close to true.  He’s President for the sole reason that people were sick, embarrassed, and disgusted by Donald Trump.

Don’t worry! I’m on my way after I’ve completely destroyed Florida. You guys like “Handmaid’s Tale?”

Since the election, gas prices have wildly increased, inflation has soared, and shortages have shown up.  All of these things are consistent with an economy that literally CLOSED DOWN for at least a year thanks to the Trump plague.  Biden has been stuck with playing catch up.

Inflation and shortages still remain problems, but thank God, the Bidester has addressed one sticking point – gas.  As anyone can plainly see, gas prices have begun to drop across the land.  Joe Barron, Biden’s Chief of Chief of Staffs discussed this on Fox and Whores this morning.

“What Joe did this morning was extraordinary, since Presidents don’t have the power to control gas prices, no, not even through policy, Trumpytits.   The President managed to cast the ‘Petroliarmus’ spell while waving his magic wand and BOOM.  Prices drop!”

The spell had never been used before in history, as the wand required to perform it needs to be fashioned from the tailfeather of a large Lindsey Graham.

The move has once again left citizens embracing the aging leader and shouting his blessings from the rooftops.  Hail Biden!

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