It must be nice to be a U.S. Representative from the state of California.  You can be a lackadaisical liberal, not a care in the world, and free to speak your mind wherever, and whenever it suits you.

That’s what it’s like for Adam Schiff, the 62-year old House Intelligence Committee chairman from Queefblastery, California.  A registered Democrat, through and through, he appeared this last weekend on Meet the Press to answer a few key questions about the current probe of former twice-impeached and possible next President, Donald Trump.

What he had to say had some heads turning.  Interviewer Joe Barron actually appeared speechless during a certain segment of the palaver.

“When you see all these people,” Barron queried, “Regular, actual people, defending Mr. Trump with ridiculous theories and comments, even though he’s a criminal, what do you think?”

Schiff didn’t even pause for a moment.

“These Trump supporters, basically, I don’t believe that they’re human anymore.  Seriously.  Human beings have consciences and can think clearly and deal with evidence right before their eyes.  These people have de-evolved.  They’ve gone backwards.”

When pressed on these flammable comments, Schiff went even further.

“What we should do with them is make them wear Bluetooth collars so we can track where they go and when they grab their guns.  Because they are ten times more likely to be domestic terrorists.  Big time.  They need to be corralled.”

Do YOU need to be corralled like cattle?  He thinks you do, tater.  And he’s right.  Now go lay down and have your Geritol, gramps.

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