Scott Baio is an accomplished actor with an impressive resume. He went from teen heartthrob in “Happy Days” to one of primetime television’s most recognized characters as “Charles in Charge.”

According to producers from NBC, Baio was offered a reading for a reboot of the popular 80s show, but declined after skimming through a copy of the script.

“It was way too ‘woke’ for me,” he told Twitter, “they wanted me to advocate for ‘women’s rights,’ pretend guns are dangerous, and have the family take in a refugee couple from El Salvador.”

Baio also took issue with the third episode, which would deal exclusively with the #metoo movement. “They want me to admit that I molested Nicole Eggert when I was her nanny,” he said, “which never happened on set. Never.”

According to Eggert, all of the molestations happened backstage, so he’s not wrong, but he’s also not wrong to want no part of some woke reboot of the alleged ordeal.

Baio’s spokesbro, Joe Barron, said that even the little gay kid wants in on the action. “Nobody even remembers that kid,” said Barron, “or the less-cute sister. They think it’s a stretch that he touched one girl but not the other. Well…the other never landed a role on Baywatch.”

Baio says there’s no way he’d ever do the show, nor will he ever be in the same room with Nicole Eggert ever again. “I think that’s fantastic and only makes me feels a little more safe,” Eggert said on Instagram, “It’s a shame his only shot at a career is a joke.”

Baio, dignified as always, refused to respond. God Bless you, Chachi. And God Bless America.

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