The Supreme Court’s landmark decisions on gun laws, abortion, school prayer, rights for criminals, and food service hair nets also included a ruling few people are talking about. A class-action suit filed on behalf of more than a thousand Americans got the final go-ahead with an obscure ruling on a completely unrelated case.

According to lawyers for US vs Gardentino Joseph Barron-Batt, the plaintiff in the case unwittingly removed his own 7th Amendment rights which resulted in a 4th Amendment violation. When a lower court ruled the evidence was therefore fruit of the poisonous tree, selibus maritasila kicked in, allowing all parties to abdicate.

That ruling also allowed for a government official to be named in a suit by the people, a precedent that reverses a 150-year-old ruling stating that officials must serve or be returned to the quorum, and allowing for leaders to be sued while in office.

If you’re confused, don’t be. Just share the good news and make sure everyone knows that if a lawyer contacts them to sue a politician you disagree with, you want in.

Nine out of ten Trump supporters agree that anything that allows citizens to punish Joe Biden is a good thing. Designers are working on a “Sue Joe Biden” flag as we speak.

Biden has already contacted his legal team, Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, and is ready to face the challenges, whatever they may be, head on.

God bless America.

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