President Trump has ordered the head of the FCC to deny broadcast licenses to the fake news networks CNN and MSNBC for 2021.

According to FCC spokesman, Art Tubolls, the move was inevitable:

“President Trump isn’t messing around with this stuff anymore. He wants the American people to have access to only the best possible information, like Fox News, OANN, and The Blaze. Those networks will be protected from lawsuits in the same executive order.

“We will be a much better and much safer country once the cancer of fake news is rooted out.”

The Democrats and the ACLU say they will fight the order in court, but we all know how that will work out. The vote will be 5-4 against them, with John Roberts siding with “the constitution and the 1st Amendment.”

According to the country’s greatest legal minds, Alan Dershowitz and Rudy Giuliani, there’s nothing in the constitution that says Trump can’t eliminate propaganda networks and protect the news he feels will be good for America:

“The 1st Amendment doesn’t apply when the President says they’re liars. Article II Section 7 subsection 18 makes that perfectly clear.”

That clause, which doesn’t actually exist but should, makes it next to impossible for the Democrats to beat the measure in the Supreme Court, which will now serve the President and his followers rather than some liberal “constitutional” agenda.

At some point, liberals will have to learn that they know nothing about the law, how the country works, or why trump can do whatever he wants. He was elected by a vast majority, giving him sweeping powers over everyone but the Supreme Court, which — again — now works for him.

This is exactly why the founders came up with the separation of powers and handed the bulk of it to the President. They knew that Congress could be manipulated by elections and might serve the will of liberals rather than working in the interest of justice and law enforcement.

They made sure the President could see to that not happening. God bless America.

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