Amazon Bans ‘2000 Mules’ Movie


It’s been quite awhile since we’ve been privy to yet another faux-documentary by the wit and wisdom of D’Nesh D’Souza.  Now, his latest release, “2000 Mules” is causing controversy and excitement everywhere it’s found.

Which, as of now, is in the CD player of Kanye’s car.

Like the faulty and embarrassingly wrong Hillary and Obama movies before it, Mules follows a similar path.  Completely geared for the large percentage of halfwit cum-donkeys who believe that the 2020 election was “rigged”, it certainly found it’s mark.  Conservatives are buying it up like Trump wine.

2000 Mules refers to a shadowy clan of “liberal cheatmasters” who the movie’s heroes tracked via cell phone signals so that they would be brought to justice.  However, there’s so much wrong with that idea, not to mention the actual execution, that it becomes a laughing stock.

Well, it WOULD be a laughing stock except for the fact that the actual movie features D’Souza, a guy and some silent woman sitting at a table, talking, interspersed with grainy “artist’s conception” footage.  It’s like watching Crossfire while hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

At any rate, even our resident movie nut Joe Barron was bored shitless watching this mess of a flick.  And he sat through Reindeer Games.  In the theater.

“Sweetheart, are you sure Sandra Bullock is in this?”

Yeah, so anyway, Amazon is not refusing to run it.  Little fib there.  Amazon doesn’t refuse anything.  It’s money.  Not much.  But if Donald Trump can live off millions of ridiculously stupid conservatives tossing their money into a pot, so can they.

By the way, they’re overjoyed that the movie has made a million dollars.  Just the cell phone data cost 3 million to get.  So.  Good job, dimbulbs.


  1. The writer is quite the wordsmith. Especially the ***-donkey reference. He could be the poster child for projection.

  2. I like to lick my own weewee. I fist myself twice daily. I’m also in love with my sister, who’s also my mother.

  3. Try 10 million dollars gross already. Sad how retarded and blinded you libtards are and this is from an independent that never voted for Trump. As if this senile, racist retard isn’t bringing our country to its knees.

  4. There should be thousands. I believe it is comical how all media is attacking this movie yet not a single one has any real facts or content as to support their position. So I will attempt to do so here.
    1. Geolocation data isn’t accurate. Yeah, sure, tell that to the courts, law enforcement, the military and every advertiser in Google’s network. That argument is pure foolishness and completely false and everyone knows it. Test it yourself. Bring up a map on your phone. Is the location wrong if you have location services on? When was the last time your navigation didn’t know exactly where you were? It never has for me, ever. It may not know where to take me well but it certainly knows where I am. To claim this is pure desperation and lies and relying on people who hear it being complete morons not wanting the pretty little ‘this could never happen in America” apple cart turned over.
    Example: from The Detroit News
    written by:
    Ali Swenson
    Associated Press (or most trusted truth in news in the U…..cough)

    “THE FACTS: True the Vote didn’t prove this.”
    Yes they did I believe and so do most people – but ok, exactly what didn’t they prove? Crickets…

    “The finding is based on false assumptions about the precision of cellphone tracking data and the reasons that someone might drop off multiple ballots, according to experts.”
    Which experts are you quoting who will stand behind this, anyone being quoted here? Of course not. False Assumptions on accuracy? How can you even make this up?

    ‘And the reasons why someone might drop off multiple ballots’? What? So that is a defense. ‘You cant state why a criminal would want to do that so your facts are therefore suspect? I this a real story written by an intelligent being? I have any idea, the one presented in the movie, THEY WERE PAID TO DO IT you complete fool.
    (How much you want to bet many of these people will meet unfortunate accidents over the next month or two. If I were them I would be looking for a very remote hole to climb into because the people behind this are very, very committed with big money and 20 years of billions of dollars to bring this to state we are in right now. You think you get to survive if it means they are discovered and might go to jail if you start to ‘sing’. You are toast dude, if you aren’t already.

    See above. gelocation data is exceptionally accurate. It is how cell phones work, period. Towers need to be able to pin point you and know where you are going so they transfer you smoothly to the next tower. You are triangulated very accurately. Law enforcement uses this and the courts accept this data in trials as non-refutable.
    It is such a joke, they even refute they own statements saying ‘It is only accurate to within a few meters.” so not close enough to know if they actually went to the drop boxes?”
    Here, hold our your arms on each side of you. That is 2 meters. Not accurate at all is it. That means the Mules were close enough to reach the boxes…..again, is this actually a real article?

    “said Aaron Striegel, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Notre Dame.”
    So a professor of computer science says it isn’t close enough to know whether the person was ‘close enough to be doing anything at the drop box…
    Prosecutor – “yeah sorry judge, We know the man was within 2 meters of 25 victims we have found dead, but we can’t prove he actually touched them because his cell phone data can’t prove he was closer so I guess we need to let him go. Nothing to see here.”
    Judge: “Why would you even think there is a reason to investigate this man? Shame on you for being so stupid.”

    “”Ballot harvesting” is a pejorative term for dropping off completed ballots for people besides yourself. The practice is legal in several states but largely illegal in the states True the Vote focused on, with some exceptions for family, household members and people with disabilities.”

    This process is NOT legal in any state to be dropping off ballots at up to 30 or 40 locations, across state lines in some cases. These exceptionally kind and thoughtful people must know a lot of disabled family members to have to visit 20 locations on into the middle of the night. And oh, what pure heroes they are to wear rubber gloves they then remove right after dropping off the ballots to stop the spread of the virus. That was actually seen on some video surveillance. Truely upstanding citizens. Let’s chase them down so we can give them all Presidential Medals of Freedom.
    But let’s try to say that ballot harvesting is perfectly understandable and honorable. Tell that to many people who were prosecuted and in jail already for doing just that.

    “What’s more, ballot drop boxes are often intentionally placed in busy areas, such as college campuses, libraries, government buildings and apartment complexes — increasing the likelihood that innocent citizens got caught in the group’s dragnet, Striegel said.”

    Yep, innocent people are within 2 meters of ballot boxes all over a city and across states, 20-30 times and in the middle of the night looking around to make sure they aren’t being seen.

    2. Flawed Analysis. – Ok, explain what is false or flawed? Every article I have read so far offers no real arguments as usual. Just the typical frantic, scared left progressive accusations without fact or merit.

    3. “They only have a limited number of people they could quote who did this?”
    Yep, I’m sure all the mules are just frantically looking for opportunities to explain to everyone how much they were paid to commit a felony. The very important here is the data supports very strongly something appears to have happened and need explaining. There is NO QUESTION ballot boxes are the most insecure and best opportunity for election fraud that is very difficult to trace and prevent. Both Republicans and Democrats over the years have stated this as are nearly all democratic nations across the world.

    I could go on with the ridiculous joke of an ‘opinion’.

    The scariest part, this is the same stuff you are reading in every liberal newspaper or site across the country, google is literally directing everyone to these articles if you enter the search terms, they will NOT take you anywhere near the actual movie or information about it. I tried, I had browser literally hang up and stop working.

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