Nancy Pelosi has stooped to a new low. This time, attacking a 100-year-old monument devoted to the 10 commandments that has been in the lobby of the capitol building for nearly a century.

Work crews showed up and made quick work, rolling the monument out and down the ramp for disabled people.

Pelosi had this to say about the removal:

“It’s long overdue that we make a separation between church and state. Non-Christians should not be forced to read the 10 commandments while walking into their capitol. God doesn’t belong here.”

God doesn’t belong here? Those are fighting words.

More than ever, it’s clear that God is needed in our government. Our lawmakers need to be reminded of who is actually in charge. We should have biblical laws on the books. Husbands should be able to sell their wives to settle debts. Women should be silent. Lethal force should only be permitted after darkness. And, if a woman interferes in a fight between two men by grabbing her husband’s opponent’s privates, her hand should be cut off.

We need to get back to these biblical basics. Removing an ancient monument should be the furthest thing from Pelosi’s agenda.

But, of course, it’s not.

Joe Barron, the representative for the organization, Put God Everywhere says:

“We will fight this every step of the way. The first step was to get in front of the monument as they were rolling it out and try to stop it. Unfortunately, it was just too heavy to stop. We will continue this tug-o-war for months and have no doubt we will be victorious. The monument WILL be placed back in the Capitol when we are finished!”

As God would want it. We are sure.


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