Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Occasio-Cortez have been working with other House Democrats to work up a bill to lower the voting age to 14 years old. Other Democrats are very supportive of the effort, knowing younger voters mainly vote democratic.

The bill, H.R. 90125 is aimed to change the face of politics, and the country itself by allowing children barely in high school to be able to cast votes for local, state and federal elections across the country. Critics argue that the age of 14 is just way too young to be able to form viable opinions.

The two women have been secretly working with other democrats in the house and even in the senate, with Mitt Romney (R-UT), crossing the aisle to write this bill. “Children should have a voice too!” Exclaims AOC, who is the youngest representative in the House, elected in 2018.

Republicans are warning against these measures, worried about the impact it will have on elections. Sandy Batt (R-ID) was furious, as she swigged down a cheap cold beer at a local tavern.  “Once you start letting kids vote, you make a mockery of our system!!!!” She added, “Once they figure out we’ve been cutting education funding for pet projects like naming parks after ourselves, it’s all over!!”

Some Republicans were laughing at the idea, asking if they were going to have to remove the coloring books and toys from the Oval Office that usually keeps President Trump occupied, keeping him away from dangerous things like buttons, phones, and other world leaders.

“If anything, we need to raise the voting age” boomed Joe Barron, a lobbyist. “Kids yet don’t feel hopeless and disenfranchised, if we raise the voting age to 35, this will guarantee they’ve seen enough false memes and ads on social media that voting for republicans seem like the only logical choice”

The bill seeks to drastically change this country into a land where people actually matter instead of corporations and large donors, and that, to these stalwart republicans, is just unacceptable.  Do you remember what happened when we let women vote? Pepperidge Farm remembers.



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