The Conservative United National Trust Syndicate ran the numbers on how many lives were saved when the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. Seven states had mandatory laws that kicked in when the vote was announced, meaning abortions stopped right then and there.

Statistically, that means nearly 1,800 children’s lives were saved. And they say conservatives are heartless. If that was true, patriots, God wouldn’t be on our side. Next we go after gay marriage and put the bible back in the classroom.

The think tank also estimated that of the children saved, nearly all will become what we like to call a burden on the system and will no longer matter shortly after taking their first breath, but they will be alive as God commands. The CBO estimates that public assistance programs will likely need to double within a few years to compensate for the influx of lazy people.

All-in-all, patriots, it’s a win for the hate we love so much. God bless America.

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