Disney’s production schedule through next summer was leaked by an employee who believes wokeness is destroying the place he calls home.

According to casting specialist Joe Barron, 19 of the 22 new roles he has to fill have to be minorities, and three who aren’t “are decidedly gay.”

“It’s ruining my chi,” said Barron, “I think a character should develop into its own and not be pre-determined by some woke director somewhere.”

Barron says the trouble at Disney began nearly a decade ago when “Frozen” arrived to the chagrin of the left. “They wanted to see minorities,” Barron commented, “in a cartoon set in medieval Norway. How does that even make sense?”

Now, he says the arrival of a black Little Mermaid and a Hispanic Tinkerbell signal the end of a glorious era of Disney magic, only to be replaced by wokeness that no self-respecting rural American who’s afraid of just about everything will ever simply accept.

“If we can’t entertain the heartland then who even are we?”, asked Barron, “I mean…as an artist and a conceptualist I want to see Mickey and Minnie represented in next year’s truck flag rallies. I think we can get there.”

Disney wants to cater to a crowd that is decreasing in numbers as the woke fad settles and people start to remember just who is in charge in this country, according to our readership. Unwoke rural billies are here to stay, patriots. Just deal with it. God Bless America.


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