President Joe Biden still doesn’t seem to understand that an open border is a direct act of sabotage against the United States.  Or, if he does, he’s traitorous.

Nevermind that Treason is a charge that an be levelled only in wartime.  Nor that the U.S. is a country founded by immigrants and migrants.  We’re full.  Okay?  Isn’t Walmart down the street being completely out of mumus telling him anything?

Nevertheless, yesterday at the border, nearly 200,000 migrants crossed, a record for our beautiful country.  Border Patrol agents estimate that over 199,999 of them are of “military age”, male, and super horny for white women.

Cub reporter Joe Barron was on the scene, and gave us a rundown of what was happening.

“Fallis, it’s not really an ‘open border’, since that would really negate the idea of ‘sneaking’ across.  However, the smell of fentanyl was ripe in the air as over .09% of them are bringing it in to give our white people overdoses.”

When asked who’s fault that was, since Republicans constantly cut drug treatment programs and increase incarceration in for-profit prisons nationwide, Barron laughed.

“Surely you’re not blaming the American addicts for taking it, right?  I mean, if someone hands you a cookie, you’re going to snort it.  It’s what you do.”

The migrants, as can be seen in one video played over and over again on Fox News, are filthy and carrying babies.  And we all know how the GOP feels about those.  They should be borted immediately.

Borted and DEPORTED.  That’s the best way.  I mean, it’s not like they’re PEOPLE or anything.


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