Across the media, one question has been on everyone’s mind since the release of the eye-opening documentary 2000 Mules.  “When is something going to be done about this hard evidence?”

Well, those queries have been heard and now answered by filmmaker and ankle-accessory model Dinesh D’Souza and his new best friend Kyle “Kablam!” Rittenhouse, who is using a small portion of his settlement money to help file a lawsuit on the film’s behalf.

“Hey, we’ve come to see the movie? Do you mind if we shit in each other’s mouths while we watch?”

Rittenhouse, during an interview with journalist and podcaster Joe Konders, said that the movie makes several very good points that are being summarily ignored by the media in general.

“No one is reporting on or analyzing 2000 Mules.  It’s incredible.  Here’s this movie made by the convict, D’Souza, and even though none of the claims in his earlier films had any semblence of reality, these ones do!

They had PHONES, people!  Tracked em!  Just like phone roadmaps!  Stop the steal!  Hail Hydra!”

2000 Mules is a mockumentary motion picture developed by and starring D’Nesh D’Souza as one of the only people on Earth dumber than his own hair follicles.  He sits at a desk and speaks to two other people for nearly an hour and a half.  It’s action packed.

Rittenhouse has made dozens of million dollars from suing absolutely nobody at all over what he was called during his court case, where he was let go for committing murder.

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