In 2022, there have now been 248 mass gun shooting events in the United States.  And according to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, all of them were perpetrated by “Republicans”.

“When you count in the white supremacists and the race mixing and replacement theory talk,” says the Speaker, “That’s what you get as a number.  With each one killing more and more Americans.  Twenty two events were schools.  SCHOOLS.”

“These GOP mainstays are exactly the terrorists and scumbags that America has been hemmoraging for awhile now.  Especially since their king dipshit Trump got to sit in the big boy chair. Now, emboldened by that win and non-accepting of his subsequent loss, they’re reduced to animals.”

Pelosi’s remarks seem incredibly inflammatory, but are actually getting a positive response from her party.  Democratic bigwig Joe Barron, not soon afterwards:

“She’s right.  All these Republican gun attacks need to be remedied.  That’s why I’m encouraging Senate bill FU2022-DH which will render it illegal for any registered Republican to own a firearm.  This is common sense gun law.”

Governor Ron DeSantis has already begun claiming gay guns.  Like Rugers and cutesy little Derringers.

The bill that Barron is pushing is having a rough time through, since it’s still true that half the Senate is still full of half-retarded gun humpers like Ted Cruz.  The November elections hope to remedy that.

“We must defeat each and every one of these goddamn psychotic and sick Republican mass murderers,” Pelosi screamed to thunderous applause.  “We must cut the cancer out of our great country so that we still have one.”

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