Kathy Griffin is reportedly “staying with freinds,” according to Hollywood insiders. In reality, she’s not just hanging out with pals; she’s crashing in their guest rooms and pool houses.

“Kathy lost everything in the settlement with Elon Musk,” said her lifelong friend, Joe Barron, “She’s really struggling to find work because of the whole thing, and she literally has no place to go.”

The latest report has the ginger comedienne living in Alyssa Milano’s cabana, which is a one-bedroom apartment by most standards. It looks like she may, however, have overstayed her welcome.

“It was great at first having someone around all the time,” Milano told CNN, “but now it’s a bit much. She cries a lot these days, and it interferes with my own emotional needs.

Milano, who has been hot for her entire adult life, also feels Griffin is holding her back romantically. “I was on this pub crawl and this amazing guy was talking to me, and Kathy came over and made a dick joke. It wasn’t great.”

Milano says she won’t kick Griffin out but she hopes she finds a place of her own soon. “She’s a bit of a slob,” she said, “and what’s funny is, she knows it and thinks it’s a joke.”

Griffin’s publicist refused to comment other than to call the entire story “nonsense.” “Alyssa has always been a little bit jealous of Kathy,” she said, “and she’s definitely starved for attention lately. Kathy moved in with Eddie Vedder yesterday.”

Musk said he was sorry for ruining her, but that she needed to learn the lesson the hard way. God bless America.


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