“Charles in Charge” is coming back, and it won’t be just another “woke” reboot of an old classic. Scott Baio, the original star and the producer of the new series, says his mission is to make a show about family and values, not gender identity and drag queens.

“That’s what the Left wants,” Baio told reporters at the press conference, “they want everything to be about these stupid fringe things. Most Americans want to watch wholesome TV.”

Baio’s plan includes enlisting his own daughter, Destiny, who will play his daughter on the show, replacing the girls who claimed he was a pervert. “My own daughter would never accuse me,” said Baio, “she knows better.”

Destiny confirmed that she has no plans to accuse her father of anything and that she’s looking forward to taking over for that horrible Summer girl.

The show will focus on real-life issues. Baio would like to see just about everything that ails America exposed on the show. “I think we should talk about inflation and gas prices, first and foremost, before we move on to government corruption in federal law enforcement.”

Sounds like a hoot. Baio believes he can get at least 40 million viewers per week, based on the suspected actual voting numbers form the 2020 election. “There are a ton of patriots out there who need a good show.”

Thanks for your service, Mr. Baio. God bless you and God bless America.


    • Alan Safier

      Good shows and drag shows are not mutually exclusive.

    • Vivica Verheim

      I want to see Scott Baio in drag tongueing tRumps fat ass

  1. Vash Crowley

    I want to see the right-wing burn.

  2. Alan Safier

    There is nothing anywhere on the internet about this “new program.” If there had been a press conference, this would have shown up and multiple sources. Please cite your sources. And photos of the press conference?

    I think you made up this story.

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