For years now, Whoopi Goldberg has gone further and further off the rails. So far, in fact, even the Left is having a hard time keeping up with her.

Her own people, the liberals of the Screen Actors Guild, have abandoned her.

Guild President Joe Barron said the move wasn’t an easy one to make. Whoopi Goldberg has a long history in the business and a lot people still admire her.

But, her extremism has gone too far. “She’s divisive,” said Barron, “she doesn’t speak for everyone and she says mean and hateful things.”

When asked where he gets his information, Barron said he follows the stories of her antics on ALLOD. “They cover everything. Whenever she’s sued, arrested, suspended, fired, or bumped from an awards show, they’re behind it.”

Goldberg won’t answer our requests for comment, opting instead to send her standard “get bent, get a life, and find a new mark” note she always sends. Ms. Goldberg doesn’t seem to understand that she’s not the mark here. Not even a little.

That won’t stop what’s happening to her, one way or the other. Before long, she’ll be sent the way of Roseanne, shunned by Hollywood for not conforming to the status quo. Unlike Roseanne, however, Goldberg will deserve it for her divisive divisiveness. God Bless America.


  1. Russ

    I seem yo be having trouble getting my two lamps to light up at dusk…A the one worked 2 times, but that’s all. Also, the remotes don’t seem to be working. I even replaced the batteries thinking that might be the problem, nut they still don’t work

  2. Joe Mama

    The fat hippo needs to be cancelled.

  3. She’s old mop, and she contribute nothing new anymore, but old and moldy smell and unhealthy air. We need to move on, and let her out the back door please; no need to hear anymore of her. I thought by now we don’t hear about her already,,,, please…

  4. JD

    Would be nice if true (doubtful; black actress and a far leftist nut like them); they did cancel Trump’s membership in the union like d*cks.

  5. Richard C Randerson


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