In today’s America, the economy may be bouncing back, but it seems to be in fits and starts thanks mostly to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic and it’s botched response, but also because of failed policy and incompetent leadership.  The NBA has emerged as supporters of civil rights activism, but for many citizens yearning for relief, it isn’t enough.

For Pierce Brosnan, the world wasn’t enough. Now he’s acting as a talking apple in an elementary school play.

That’s why, according to sports legends from California’s Golden State Warriors like Steph Curry, Joe Barron, and Lamont Cranston, the team has started a “Victims of Trump” charitable organization to provide money, food, and emotional relief to those whose lives are being impacted negatively by four years of ongoing borderline retarded decisions and actions of the current administration.

Charity head of operations Ramon Dickenfish says the team unanimously approved the move, donating millions of dollars of their own money to the masses of Americans afflicted by the impeached President’s uncountable failures of leadership.

“Far too many people’s lives have been downright ruined because the stupidest people in our country elevated a professional con man and convicted criminal to the highest office in the land, and continue to be gullible enough to support him.  With these trumptards becoming even less intelligent every day and more psychotic, we, as a team in the public spotlight, feel it’s our duty to aid those who want to live as normal human beings and want to be rid of Trump’s deranged morbidly obese ass forever.  We’re giving back.  Like Donald’s sons at a needle exchange.”

“Dad, come on, just let me have a twenty for gas. I swear it’s for gas. Oh yeah, maybe make it 40. Imma need a shitload of band aids too.”

Team leader Curry, arguably the most public face of the championship ballers has insisted on a system of background checks of credit charges and social media posts to ensure that no supporters of the President attempt to sneak in and make use of the funds.  It’s money that they don’t deserve.

“Yeah, this charity isn’t for the morons that are the problem,” he remarked.  “It’s for the true Americans that know right from wrong and reality from fiction.  Sorry trumptards.  Eat your kibble.”


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