Five National Football League teams have decided to cancel their 2020 seasons to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and also to spite our president, Donald J Trump. It’s the first time that different teams have decided to cancel, and not the entire league. Commissioner Goodell has yet to comment on the teams’ decision.

The New England Patriots, Raiders, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Seattle Seahawks all have come together in support of BLM and refuse to play any games until the demands of the movement are met.

The Seahawks are canceling because of the actions of Donald Trump, for protecting Portland and Seattle with federal police. This just goes to show how much the NFL has become un-American communists who hate our glorious president.

NFL spokesman Joseph Barron is perturbed and concerned with the actions of the five teams, calling them unprofessional and that any cancellations must go through the League’s due process system.

“Five teams deciding they’re not going to play throws off the entire season, even canceling one game can hurt the league entirely,” he said. Trump advisor Sandra Batt said “This just goes to show what a bunch of petulant toddlers the NFL is as a whole. There is nothing going on so wrong that they can’t play their game” adding that the actions of these teams may hurt the NFL’s tax status.

This all came about after superstar quarterback Tom Brady called our teams for disrespecting our president and kneeling on the field. New England Patriots secondary quarterback Pete Strocker called out Brady, calling him “washed up” and he had to leave Boston because he couldn’t keep up with their football program anymore.

President Trump has been advised of the cancellations, simply rolling his eyes and saying he doesn’t care if the whole league cancels the season.

“They’re just a bunch of sons of b*tches anyway,” he said, noting their un-American behavior, while totally forgetting about his own. Trump, who was in Florida over the weekend, was happy at the problems with the NFL, choosing to ignore the other massive issues the country was having over a few rounds of golf.

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