Student loans can haunt people throughout the entirety of their lives.  From an innocent thousand dollar Pell Grant to the prestigious $75, 000 Joe Barron Sexytime loan, they rarely get paid back in time and lead to ridiculous interest rates and killer debt.

A Pell Grant is a grant though. Oh nevermind, he’s on a roll.

Thank God for Joe Biden then, say some, as his student loan forgiveness agenda moves forward with the passing of his newest bill. But many are wondering where the money will come from, mostly the busybody conservatives who have little to no idea how this stuff actually works in real life.

The idea behind this sacrifice is that the military budget of the United States is completely out of control.  More of our tax dollars go to the military than anything else, allowing us as a country, to blow up just about anything.

Not anymore. $500 billion dollars of that will be re-organized to decrease student debt across the country, allowing for what we really need, an educated public.  But is it worth it?

Some conservatives believe we shouldn’t be giving money to foreign countries, aka, the Ukraine.  Even though Israel gets billions per year just as an afterthought.  Those cutey pie Jews.

They are adorable. Wrong, of course because Jesus Christ is the light and the only way, but adorable.

Then there’s the whole “pay it off, lazy” crowd who went through college back in the dinosaur years where tuition was far far less and a part-time job could cover payments, pizza, gas, a family, and possibly weed.

Will the might of the United States wither and die?  Not likely, especially since this tale isn’t true at all.  But it might raise some salaries of the people who otherwise would have been so poor they’d have to join the goddamn army.

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