A petition has been circulating on social media to re-open the US economy by Easter, just as Trump has suggested. The petition, signed by 7 million people so far, demands that the Democrats loosen their restrictions and allow Trump to make the decision he was elected to make.

Have you signed yet? You can find the petition here:


It’s simple, Democrats. We understand that we’ll be sacrificing our parents and grandparents along with a good percentage of smokers, people with underlying health problems of all ages, and newborn babies. But not all of them. That’s what the liberals don’t seem to understand. Nearly half of the extreme cases survive.

Which brings us to the next issue: ventilators. The White House isn’t so excited about building a bunch of these things when people aren’t sick yet. Have you seen how much these things cost? If we just rip off the bandaid and go back to work, there won’t be a ventilator issue. The strong will get through and God will bring the rest home. If you’re over 65 and you can’t get on board with this plan, you probably hate America.

So let’s get to it, Patriots. Sign the petition and then get out there and throw caution to the wind. You know the Greatest generation would have done it for you; it’s time you followed their lead and did it for us.


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