New York is a liberal wonderland, and now we know why. A new study from the Conservative United National Trust Society found that nearly three-quarters of all New York kindergarten teachers are certified in critical race theory (CRT).

“It’s an incredibly high number,” said society director Joe Barron, “typically we’d have to fudge something to make it sound so good for our side, but in this case, there really is that much CRT training for teachers in that God-forsaken state.”

Governor Katie Hochul says her state’s teachers are absolutely not “certified” in CRT. “There is no CRT training for public school teachers,” she said, “because that would be stupid and create ridiculous stories like this.” The society disagrees with the governor’s assessment.

“We’re fairly certain they are certified by our standards,” said Southern Poverty Law Center chief opponent Art Tubolls, ” we hand out honorary certifications to anyone who attends a BLM rally or posts pro-Democrat on social media. Seventy-two percent in New York. The numbers don’t lie.

According to the State’s Board of Certifications, the numbers do lie. There are exactly four teachers in the state with CRT certifications, and there’s a good possibility those teachers don’t actually exist.

Democrats in Congress are pushing for a nationwide CRT certification course for K-12 teachers but they face an uphill battle. God Bless America for that.

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