Okay, people, pay attention, because there’s a lot here to unpack.

Today is 9/11.  Writer D.H. Lawrence was born to the world, as well as rapper Ludacris.  Slugger Pete Rose registered his legendary hit, and everyone relaxed in their living rooms to watch the premiere episode of The Carol a Burnett Show, which would become a massive hit.

But in 2001, there was that other event that happened on this day.  The terror attacks of Al Queda on the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, and some plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.  It was sobering.

And we all remembered one thing about it : Pat Robertson said it happened because we lost our way as a country, aka, gay people.

Well now strike up the band, because the actual President who was sitting down and relaxing during that horrible trashing of America, and his wife, merely a few years later afterwords, is celebrating it by going to see a drag show.  

That’s right.  The mind behind Joe Biden’s every move, Barack Obama and his wife, author Michelle Obama, are heading out to “Mr. Dickey’s Hole”, a small club in Vermont, to see New Zoo Re-Blew, a drag show starring all Middle-Eastern people.

For more, we reached out to head Obama spy, Sandra Batt.

“That’s right, Fallis, the Benghazi Bonehead and his wife Broccoli Obama are headed out tonight for an evening of frivolity.  On 9/11.  It’s absolutely terrible, and I’ll let you know how they reacted as soon as I get offstage.”

(Batt goes under the drag-name “Ron DeCorner-O”.). The whole thing is gonna totally be fire tonight.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.  Happy 9/11.


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