There are a lot of stories out there about the TV show “The Connors.” If you listen to the journalists at the Dunning Kruger Times, Roseanne Barr has taken control of the show and she fired everyone. The problem is, the story only appears there.

Patriot Party Press can now verify that Roseanne did, in fact, win $208 million from ABC over the show, but she was never handed back control. ABC kept the show, and the cast and crew went on as usual.

Now, as part of its new lineup’s emphasis on re-gaining patriotic Americans, ABC canceled the show at the last minute before filming began for the next season. The current season seems to be uninterrupted. It’s true that Whoopi Goldberg will make a guest appearance, until someone comes along and cancels that, too.

Confused yet, patriots? So are we. It’s unfortunate that reality had to intervene with our current storylines but it gives us the chance to toss a site back into the rotation. We want to journalisticate for you as goodly as possible.

We’re waiting to see what Roseanne decides to do but rumor has it she’s gonna start a couple of different shows involving lots of people taters love. We’ll also be sure to punish Whoopi Goldberg and her pals Alyssa Milano and Kathy Griffin in the process. We also have the entire cast of the show to slap around if we like. Lecy Goransen’s agent is Joe Barron, so we’ll have the inside scoop on her as well.

Stay tuned, patriots. And as always, God Bless America.

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