After Joy Behar accused Senator Tim Scott of being a traitor to his own race, his office immediately requested a spot on the show to discuss it.

Producers of “The View” reluctantly agreed, after being assured by Behar that she could handle whatever he could throw at her. When the show aired, however, she was nowhere to be found.

“We’re fining Joy Behar $1 million, per her contract agreement, for failing to deliver on a promised debate,” said producer Joe Barron, “for this to be okay, she would have had to have been legitimately ill or indisposed beyond her control.

“That wasn’t the case, he continued, “she skipped out. It was a cowardly move.”

It’s unusual for The View to take that aggressive of a stance against one of their own, but it’s not very surprising, considering the damage conservative boycotts have done.

So far, since the beginning of Pride Month, more than 30 businesses have gone bankrupt for displaying rainbows, costing thousands of jobs. That’s the kind of action we need, patriots. If there’s enough of a downturn, we can probably trigger another economic disaster.

If we trash the economy and cause a recession, Biden will definitely lose, and we can have our pick of fascists. God Bless America.


  1. Stephen Russell

    Hooray awesome Move, Seize her assets

  2. Krista Gerst

    Well the last sentence the writer wrote was rather stupid. Saying we could have our pick of fascists. If the writer looks up the definition of fascist it’s exactly what the democrats are doing. The writer sounds like one of those mixed up demmies even though claiming to be a patriot.

  3. John W Nugent

    The Woman is a menace to society. I put her audience in that same catagory!

  4. Sally Jean

    Really, is anyone surprised? If you put all those women on the view’s brains together, it would be the size of a small walnut. Whenever (which is rare), they have a quest on the show, if they have a different opinion, or show any of them up, (which is not hard to do) they dismiss them, interrupt or walk off the stage in a huff. They are stupid, rude, and do not know what they are talking about. They are PATHETIC. If anyone of them had an ounce of courage to hear the truth, they would put people like Tim Scott on and debate. Then, you might have a show worth watching. But, I know that would never happen. Right Ladies?

  5. vinnie

    I wouldn’t touch her (Ass)et with a 10-foot pole! She is similar to an Arsonist, Drops a Lit match and runs away!

  6. tim


  7. rebel

    in a real sane world shows like the moronic view would never get air time and we wouldn’t have a dumbass for a president who doesn’t know which way he is going, most of the time he is going down. i pray to God that more and more conservatives wake up and start fighting back to get control of our country and get rid of all of this crazy crap. men are men and women are women. thank God for the difference. LGB!!!

  8. Jean

    Joy Behar, is a Blowhard, she dishes it out but cannot face the heat, I wish they would fire her…. and I haven’t watched them for years, not since the panel thinks that they are experts on politics

  9. V. Conservative

    “If we trash the economy and cause a recession, Biden will definitely lose, and we can have our pick of fascists.”

    – First, we’ve already had a Biden recession that was proclaimed “not a recession”.
    – Second, if you haven’t noticed, Biden has already trashed the economy. After just a few years of ridiculous policies and 6% inflation, the economy is already a disaster. Whether that can be fixed or not remains to be seen.
    – Third, the only cure for Communism is Fascism.
    Whether we want to admit it or not, Communism is where we are. Collectively, more money is being spend on “social” programs (Medicaid, Medicare, SS, SNAP, and similar mandatory spending) than everything else combined. “You are what you spend money on”.
    Further, when stealing from those with good credit scores in favor of those with bad credit scores, for mortgages, and when attempting to give free money to college grad’s (to pay for worthless degrees) that is taken from citizens who earned their money by working for it, a bit of Fascism is beginning to sound good to me.

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