The View has been a thorn in ABC’s side for years. A once proud Barbara Walters project, the show has devolved into a hyperpartisan circus of Leftist antics.

The network’s board of directors, after seeing the lowest ratings of all time, now have to consider putting the show on the chopping block.

“We may have to cut it,” said Programming Director Joe Barron, “Whoopi has 2 more years on her contract, so at the very least we’ll have to send it to a streaming service, like the Hallmark Channel or something.”

Hallmark told us they weren’t interested.

The View has been dwindling in viewership numbers for years, at least here at ALLOD. At first we properly reported that the show was the highest-rated daytime program ever.

Now, with that still being true, it’s our responsibility to make sure everyone who follows patriotically knows that in our world, the terrible show is a horrible failure that nobody watches.

Fortunately, finding the show’s ratings and other fast facts is fairly easy, which means we’ll also get a fact-check on the story, making it even more true in Trumplandia. A place in which we are all proud Americans who just want to see 1963 reinstated here in our beloved country.


  1. William M Buffton

    The dueling gasbags have finally worn out their welcome with the constant spewing of hate filled pus and radical invective

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