George Soros may be out of the political game, but his son, Alex, is just getting started. At 36 years old, the young billionaire holds a seat of power on the world stage.

According to his public relations department, Soros plans to buy up and liquidate conservative businesses as a matter of policy. “He’s going for the throat on this,” said PR Director Joe Barron, “He believes he can shut down the flow of dark money to politics.”

Some believe Soros is the dark money in politics, however, and worry about the country and our future.

“It’s already tough to get through the day with the woke mind virus running rampant,” said Vegas slot player Sandy Batt, “And now they want us to house illegals?”

Batt is an example of how misinformation about the state of the US government is manipulated by people like Soros, who is now in control of a network of paid trolls. Other trolls also add to the misinformation, and don’t call me Shirly.

As of now, Hobby Lobby is on high alert, worried that they’ll be first in line to get the axe. “I’d love to buy them and replace all their cheap crap with Pride flags,” he told us in 2018.

The world was already going to hell in a handbasket, patriots. This isn’t gonna help. Go Bless America.

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