Last year, Alyssa Milano started a fight with Elon Musk because she thought he…shouldn’t own Twitter. For some reason. So she went out and traded in her Tesla for a Volkswagon EV.

That’s when her life fell apart. First, the internet reminded her that Volkswagon was started by Hitler, so supporting them makes her a Nazi. Then, the company sued her for using their name, because people started calling them Nazis, even though it was sold to BMW after the war.

Musk then filed a $200 million defamation suit on behalf of Tesla, which made the actress unemployable. Shortly after that, she broke down and cried on Twitter.

After her car caught fire in a posh Soho neighborhood, Milano dropped out of sight until just yesterday, when she took to Instagram to cry publicly once again.

“Elon Musk ruined my life. I can’t find work, I can’t afford to go on any trips, and I can’t do any shopping. I typically drop off bags of food and clothjing for the homeless when I go out, so really it’s them who will suffer.”

Milano then went on to ask for donations to her personal fund as well as for her charity. “I can spend from either,” she said, “so don’t worry which one. Whatever is easiest.”

The actress hasn’t answered our requests for comment. There’s a possibility she’s hiding something. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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