Florida’s legislature will take up the issue of punishing parents for unlawfully convincing minors to undergo life-changing gender transitioning procedures. For now, Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered a special warrant affidavit system that will allow police to charge parents with felony endangerment until the legislation passes.

“We don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea and trying to slip in a mastectomy before the law passes,” said DeSantis, “this isn’t the place for your leftist garbage. The new America starts here.”

Some felt his language was a bit strong and Handmaid Tale-ish, but the point was crystal clear: Florida will not tolerate any kind of non-typical activity pertaining to children and anything that may have something to do with genitals, sex, or the impure thoughts of the gays. These things are obviously perversion and an affront to God and should be kept from our society as the bible says.

Legal experts say anyone arrested or charged under the new order will likely go free and have a huge lawsuit for unlawful imprisonment, as the whole thing is about as unconstitutional and ignorant as can be, according to a leftist commenting nearby.

DeSantis says he doesn’t care and that the constitution is an outdated, living document that needs to be refreshed every so often as it was during the Jim Crow era.



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