Alyssa Milano can’t help herself. She has to push her way into everyone’s business and make it her own. That was the story last night when the failed actress and full-time bleeding-heart liberal saw Kyle Rittenhouse with a group of fans after a speaking engagement.

“While my client was signing autographs paid for in advance,” said attorney Joe Barron, “Ms. Milano shouted ‘murderer’ at him, disrupting the event. It caused him significant emotional damage, defamed his character, and cost him money.”

That’s the trifecta for a lawsuit, and it looks like this one will cost her about $10 million.

“I was just minding my own business,” said Rittenhouse, “she’s entitled to her opinion, but not in front of all those people.”

A quick look into the situation says there were likely tens of people at Rittenhouse’s event, with a VIP section consisting of two boomers who wish they could have shot some people.

Milano found out he was there when she made an emergency stop at the Days Inn in Wilkes-Barre after driving all night from Youngstown for some reason. He was the keynote speaker at the annual “It’s not Murder if You Know How” support group.

Barron also claims that the outburst cost Kyle a sure thing election win for the group’s presidency, but instead, it stays with George Zimmerman for at least another year. God bless America.


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