She just couldn’t stay out of it. Alyssa Milano, who nobody would remember at all if it weren’t for her crazy left-wing extremism, has sent her life into ruin just to try to make a point. She traded in her Tesla for a Volkswagon, which didn’t turn out well, then she challenged the most powerful man in the world to a battle of wits.

According to our sources, she lost, and big. The ordeal has now cost the actress-turned-activist more than $13 million, or about $3 million more than her net worth.

She lost her “Who’s the Boss” reboot on NBC and she was fired from her consulting job with UNICEF. What else could possibly go wrong for her?

We reached out for some answers as to why she would take this course of action but haven’t heard back. Her agent, Joe Barron, says she won’t dignify “satire” with a comment. “Ms. Milano appreciates that Flagg has a crush on her,” said Barron, “but he needs to get over it. She’s still smokin’ hot at 50 and he looks like an insurrectionist with a hangover.”

This reporter had no choice but to agree that she is, in fact, hot AF, but there is little to no truth to the “insurrectionist with a hangover” quip.

Flagg is a proud Tea Partyist and has more than 31 hours of sobriety. He’s considering filing a defamation suit.

God bless America.


  1. Bigger guy

    I had no idea Volkswagons cost $10,000,000 maybe she could sell it and buy a Lamborghini instead.

  2. Erik Iversen

    I am unsure how she lost $13 million was it in possible income or did Elon Musk sue her?

    • BigDickEnergy

      Legal representation isn’t free lol. You wanna sue someone, you take the risk of losing and having to pay your lawyers. DERP. Libtards never learn.

  3. I am a Trump supporter who loves to LAUGH and does not offend easily. I love memes & satire. I saw the one with Sylvester Stallone & bought it hook, line & sinker!!! I even posted it in one of my groups. After I figured out it was satire I found it hilarious!!! THIS ONE TOO!!! We all need to LAUGH & LIGHTEN UP & GET OVER OURSELVES and come back to the table over most of our differences & the ones we can’t, well we’ll just have to live with those. This is a good step!!! Whoever wrote this is talented. I didn’t think there were any funny people left on the left!!! GOOD JOB!!!

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