When you’re hard at work all day in that factory, and the whistle blows at five, what’s the first thing you want to help you relax when you get off work?

If you said an “American Patriot Ale”, you’re part of a massively growing group of Americans that’s had enough of the woke crap, and just wants a good, clean beverage.  (If you said a blowjob and urine play from a porn star, you’re Donald Trump.)

Mega superstar and political activist Kid Rock is now promoting the beer, cradling it’s red, white, and blue can in his guitar twanging hands.  Rock has been viral-video associated with the resistance to Bud Light’s new “woke” transsexual agenda.

What makes American Patriot so special, asked our own Sandra Batt when she sat down with The Kid at Queeferton Lanes bowling alley in the stinkiest state, New Jersey.

“Balls,” said Rock, firing an AR-15 at some random passerbys as he spoke.  “They grind up cow’s balls, pig’s balls, and even lion’s balls into the mix.  Good old fashioned American ball water!”

Batt asked about the taste of the lager.

“Oh, it tastes like absolute shit.  That’s why it’s $2.50 a six-pack in most markets.  But that’s good and cheap to fight off Bidenflation!  Get some balls in your mouth!

American Patriot Beer has not been approved by health inspections in 48 states.  But it does have BALLS!


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