Donald Trump is a lot of things. Respected, revered, loved. He’s made America great again, and he’s planning on keeping it great when he wins the 2020 election handily. But what he is more than anything else, is Christian. He’s very religious, and American’s most Christian leaders are saying so.

Take the most reverend Jim Bakker, who’s known for always being honest and has never wavered nor tried to make a buck on his beliefs. He knows Trump is truly Christ-like in every action he takes, from trying to help porn stars financially (something Bakker knows about) to steering Americans towards Christ, as he showed America when he stood in front of a DC church with the Bible held upside down.

The very Christian pastor Joseph Barron, who’s even named after Jesus’s stepfather, agrees.

“We’ve never seen such a man of Jesus before. He can peddle this BS like nobody’s business, including his own because he truly has no idea what’s in that bible he held. Not a clue. But Americans look at him, never mind everything he’s done that’s in direct opposition to what Jesus Christ taught, and they believe he’s a Christian. Just like Jim Bakker!”

When Donald Trump stood in front of St John’s holding that Bible like it was burning his hands for a photo op to show his strength, people believed. Jesus wept, but the President’s most fervent followers knew he was truly a man of the Word of God, no matter what. After having the military attack peaceful American protesters so he could stand in front of that church, the president showed strength and guts, mostly gut because he’s fat and out of shape.

When it comes to equality of all kinds, faith, faithfulness to his many wives, charity, the love he pretends to have for people of any race or religion, and let’s not forget about what Jesus said about rich men entering the kingdom of heaven, Donald Trump is the most Christian man ever to hold the office of President of the United States Of America.

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