The NFL may be worth watching again. At least…some teams. So far, John Elway and the Denver Broncos, Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Mike Ditka, who is actively pursuing a field to call his own, are all in the “kneel on my field and you’re fired” club. Andy Reid, Head Coach and Assistant Executive Vice President of Football Ops and Concessions of the Kansas City Chiefs, is the latest addition.

“It’s a simple thing,” said Reid, “you can stand and show some respect or you can leave. You’re here to play, so play.” The Players’ Association says it’s adding Reid to the list of people it intends to sue over the issue, which they still maintain is a 1st Amendment right to protest peacefully.

That’s not good enough for the growing list of coaches. They want the whole deal. Love your country and never, ever say or do anything that questions that. In the end, everything that’s wrong with America can get blamed on someone else if we all just stick together and keep shaking our fists.

President Trump sent Reid a note personally thanking him, adding that he’d love to buy the Chiefs a Big Mac sometime. The former kidder-in-chief was obviously referencing the future, in which a re-elected President Trump greets a winning Reid team for the obligatory White House fast food feast athletes love so much. “They did have salads,” said one of them.

God bless America.


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