Candace Owens was as surprised as anyone when Megan Rapinoe accepted an invitation to speak with her on her show, “Candace.” Needless to say, things escalated quickly.

“Candace was beside herself,” said Producer Joe Barron, ” She really didn’t think Rapinoe would show up. But she did.”

According to Barron, Rapinoe started right in talking about injustice towards minorities and the LGBTQ community but found herself shut down with a quickness. “Listen to you,” said Candace, “You’re like an angry toddler.”

With that, Rapinoe ended the segment and disconnected, which was more her style than showing up in the first place. Owens records her show a week in advance, so the episode should air shortly.

ALLOD Forensics Journalisticator Tara Newhole confirmed the story herself after we realized there was no actual video to back the claim. “This is exactly what would happen,” said Newhole, “According to my professional opinion, several charts and grafts from Pew Research, and a Rasmussen poll. Nothing has ever been more true in the hearts and minds of our people.”

As always, Tara’s investigation hit the mark. We’re happy to report these things the mainstream media won’t tell you about just because of the likelihood that they didn’t actually happen.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story. God Bless America.


  1. Andrew S

    Owens is a Trojan horse BLM plant by the democrats. She will get into office and start destroying the country on behalf of the Biden/Obama crime family. BLM can’t be trusted.

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