Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was solemn as he handed over the exclusive never-before-seen footage of the January 6th riots to Sandra Batt, the associate producer of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson program.

“This stuff is very controversial,” he told them.  “Use it wisely and with God in your heart.  It will blow the Democrat’s little theories out of the water.”.

Little did he know exactly how much.

Carlson aired the footage for the last two nights on his show, and thanks to his explanations and some selective freeze-framing, it’s plain to spot Antifa agents everywhere in the chaos. Many were carrying fake Trump flags, waving around bottles of Trump wine, and even whipping “Trump slaves”.

“We are Trump supporters!”, shouted one masked intruder dressed in red, white, and blue and holding up one end of a hangman’s gallow.  “We want Pence held responsible and also a drink!  Like Fanta!”

Tucker paused the video there and noted that “Fanta” is Democrat code for “Abortion”. Harrowing.

John Voigt believes that “Jujibees” is Dem code for Hunter Biden’s balls.

Throughout other spots in the video, Antifa troops can be seen marshalling their forces in vans filled with weapons.  The weapons have bright red “Antifa” labels on them, which are slyly plucked off in the footage, and replaced with “Stop the Steal” stickers.

“This is a sick cover up of epic proportions, and we’re absolutely delighted to bring it to you,” Tucker stated at the end of the show.  “And now a word from ‘Scared Shitless’ Adult Diapers.”



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