For months, rumors have swirled on the Ashli Babbitt shooting at the Capitol on January 6th, and now it’s gotten even more interesting. ANTIFA, the leftist group that has caused riots all over America, has claimed Ashli Babbitt as an ANTIFA foot soldier. The militant liberals now say that Mrs Babbitt was one of them, and the Nancy Pelosi ordered shooting was friendly fire.

ANTIFA leaders say that Babbitt, 36, of Southern California was trained at the group’s San Francisco headquarters in 2020 after she was radicalized by California liberals after she left the military. Before radical California liberals got their hooks in her, Babbitt was a staunch Trump-supporting conservative patriot. After years of California politics infecting her young mind, she joined the leftist group and was welcomed in for her military training.

Babbitt was in ANTIFA training for most of 2020. She learned all kinds of tactical ANTIFA tools, and taught young children in the ways of ANTIFA combat.

“Learning how to pretend to be a Trump supporter was the easiest thing I ever learned” said Joe Barron, commandant for the far left ANTIFA soup division. Commandant Barron, who is superior in the ways of soup can throwing, convinced her to switch from Progresso to Campbell’s right before January 6. “She was a pro, and learned quickly that Cream of Stars always had the most impact”.

There are many that aren’t convinced of Babbitt’s ANTIFA ties. They believe she’s a hero of the Right, a martyr for all things Trump. But if you truly believe that, you’ll believe anything you’re told, with the exception got of actual facts. So you can suspend disbelief here (as you’ve done with common sense, decency, and everything else) and know that Babbitt was fighting for ANTIFA. That’s who you said was at the Capitol, remember?

We at ALLOD understand the mental gymnastics you had to do to claim that thousands of Trump-supporting potatoriots dressed in MAGA gear were all Democratic plants with the exception of Ashli Babbitt who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time protesting an election that trump lost handily. No matter how much it doesn’t make sense, it’s all you have on the shelf.

But God bless you for keeping up the comedy. God bless America.

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