Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a congresswoman from New York got into a confrontation with another traveler at Dulles international airport over face coverings as she was about to board a plane back to New York City. The confrontation became heated with several other commuters running to get airport police. AOC was detained without incident.

The quarrel started in a line for Starbucks coffee. A man wearing a Trump 2020 hat, simply minding his own business, had taken off his mask as soon as he passed security. He wasn’t too happy about wearing it in the first place and said it was his right not to wear one, even though the rules in the airport were clearly stating that he must wear one.

But this staunch patriot was having none of it. That is until a visibly angry AOC saw him.

She sneered at the man, almost growling.

“Put. Your. Mask. On.”

She said, the unidentified man, clearly amused at this woman, shrugged her off and told her to mind her own business. After telling her to shut up, AOC got closer, now even angrier, grabbed him and demanded he mask up.

The trump supporting patriot wasn’t going to back down one bit, because he loves freedom.

At this point, AOC was seething, looked him dead in the eye and said “either you put that mask on or I’m going to take you down and staple it to your goddamned face, you fat bastard!” 

It was at this point the MAGA man became concerned, and motioned for help as he noticed the Bronx native now had a shiny red Swingline stapler in her hand, waiting for Cletus to disobey again. Security arrived, and questioned AOC, and arrested the MAGA man for not wearing his mask.

Dulles airport police officer Joe Barron was there at the scene, and told us all about the incident.

“You don’t mess with AOC. She’s a tough NYC broad and she means business!” said Barron, amused by the Trump supporting idiot who decided to cross her.

She just lost a good friend, Tony to Covid. She’s tired of these Neckbeard mouth-breathing Neanderthals put everyone in danger with their ignorance and stupidity. We need more like her.

RIP Tony Mazzeo.

Rest well, Tony, you were a good man.

Wear your mask. Save lives.


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