Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez came here when she was a teenager to attend high school for two years before moving on to Boston University. She went to BU on a perfectly legal student visa from Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, an independent investigation by the non-partisan group Citizens United National Trust Society found that she never updated, reapplied for, or surrendered her now-illegal document.

For Puerto Rican citizens to enter and go to school in the US, they must first go to the Governor’s Office and get permission. Because the island is technically part of the United States, it isn’t difficult. That doesn’t mean that she just gets to skirt the rules when her time is up.

Upon finishing school, the report shows, she was offered full US citizenship, as she was born in a US territory, but she never took the test or the oath of citizenship. When she was questioned about it in 2016, she answered by saying, “I don’t need any special permission to be here.” That’s the kind of ego the people of Brooklyn elected.

According to the US Constitution, she’ll never be able to run for president, and her job as a US Congresswoman could be in jeopardy. The document specifically mentions US territories and the rules for coming here, none of which she seems to think apply to her.

Several political groups say they’ll file lawsuits directly with the Supreme Court, since there’s really no point getting rulings elsewhere anymore.

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