New York Democrat and 2028 Presidential hopeful, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has decided to railroad those plans for a romp with the politically poisonous Hunter Biden. Biden, whose recent escapades include an iCloud release of videos he made while smoking crack with prostitutes, met the congresswoman at a fundraising event in Bali.

According to sources, the two disappeared into the night on a small sailboat and possibly smokes a substance that may or may not have been crack. The young lawmaker is known to dab good wax, so there’s a chance she was just getting settled in for a boat ride.

Biden, on the other hand, was probably drunk and likely smoking crack, meth, or black tar heroin, depending on which scandal he’s currently embroiled in. His laptop, which is still sitting and waiting to be analyzed, hasn’t been accused of smoking anything but may have hidden the evidence.

President Joe Biden had no idea he still had a son. AOC’s office says she doesn’t comment on personal matters, political ideologies of her boyfriends, or satire stories. Senator Ted Cruz took his family to Cancun.

There is no concrete evidence of the affair other than a recording taken by a camera in the women’s room at a Wawa nowhere near Jope LaForm’s house, because they can’t have nice shit or get ba pizza delivered. Authorities are reluctant to release the video, since recording in a women’s room is sketchy and nobody wants to admit they did it.

The case is going. We’ll keep you updated.

God bless America.

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