Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, champion of illegal immigrants everywhere, has a bold plan laid out to gut the medicare budget. AOC is known for her aggressive discrimination against boomers, so it’s no surprise that she wants to take away their access to healthcare.

With over 460 million illegals flooding in through the southern border last year, democrats are scrambling to find the money to cover the costs of housing, clothing, feeding, and providing healthcare for all of these people.

Art Tubollis, spokesperson for all house democrats, stated:

“We have a situation where a huge amount of non-working people are coming across the border and must be cared for by the government. In order to do that, we must take money from the medicare system and place it in the Immigration Relocation Program.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had even more to say about the plan.

“Let’s face it. Baby boomers are who use medicare. They had years and years to work in this country and make money. They have plenty of money to pay for their own healthcare. We need medicare funds to take care of these new people who need our help.”

It is expected that this bill will pass the house since it is under democratic control. Pelosi is said to believe it is a great piece of legislation. Furthermore, they hope to pass additional legislation that will provide every illegal with $6,973 per month, free healthcare, a pecan pie, and a quart of lemonade.


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