Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez is once again making waves, claiming that pickup trucks are dangerous tools of the modern racist.

“Just look at a Trump rally,” she said, “They’re filled with those big trucks and all those dumb flags.”

She’s referring to freedom flags, a collection of symbols Trump supporters display across their lives to show their respect, admiration, and devotion to former President Donald Trump.

AOC says she’ll introduce legislation to ban pickup trucks. “At least the diesel ones” she exclaimed. She was famously involved in a coal-rolling incident in her Prius.

The Democrats are having a hard time with this one, probably because it’s so broad. On the one hand, they say it would be nice to eliminate big, stupid trucks with no reason other than overcompensating for a small peen, but on the other hand, trucks are useful and lots of people own them.

“It’s obvious that we need the trucking industry,” says Joe Barron, the managing editor of Truckpricks magazine.  ” But not as it stands now, with brick and mortar slowly dying away.  And we certainly don’t need Ford F-150’s or Dodge Ram, or any of that happy ass crap.  That’s just racist.”

It’s always between a rock and a hard place when you try to please everyone.


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