AOC says the citizenship rules stated in the United States Constitution are “unfair” to someone like her, who was technically born an American but can’t run for President.

According to Article 7 Section 5, only naturalized citizens, or those living in the contiguous states, are eligible for the office of the President. In 1967, 37 states ratified the amended subclause to allow for candidates from Alaska and Hawaii.

Unfortunately, places like Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands don’t count. AOC was born in Guam and raised in Puerto Rico before migrating to Brooklyn when she was 14. That makes her 100 percent ineligible for the highest office in the land. She’s lucky she’s allowed in Congress.

She has the support os several other non-US-born representatives. Ilhan Omar wants to add Somalia to the list of recognized US territories so she can claim retroactive citizenship.

Sandy Batt thinks she should be granted citizenship through double descent just because her grandmother and mother were both born here, but she was born in Germany to her father’s mistress.

They have no respect for the rules. The rules are what keep tyrants out of office. AOC would have us all living on grasshoppers and solar-powered brainwave inhibitors. We’d all become bartenders with nobody left to serve.

I know. “That was deep, Flagg.” It’s because I love my fellow Americans. Just the real ones. God bless you all.


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