After a couple of minor Hurricanes that barely touched Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s island home of Puerto Rico, President Trump gladly sent multiple supply ships, including N95 masks, gowns, and toilet paper, a necessary luxury that American’s don’t have access to today. President Trump himself generously donated tons of Bounty paper towels and was criticized for “tossing” them to the ungrateful citizens of the land.

The former Mayor of the San Jaun, AOC is the Top Cat, the leader of her gang called “The Squad,” knows where the 1000’s of cases of N95 masks and are stored and the FBI has a videotape of her making deals with undercover agents to sell them and other PPE on the black market. A lot of people that are involved in this have come forward and are willing to testify against her.

At the end of “The Raiders of the Lost Ark” a government workman wheels the Ark of the Covenant into a warehouse, allegedly to never be seen again. Film historian Joe Barron explained the significance of the dual endings.

“When (Director Steven) Spielberg, a ruthless, hateful liberal who made a mockery of Jesus with his mediocre movie he had alternate endings. There was an extremely nasty campaign between Republican Ronald Reagan and Democrat Jimmy ‘Page’ Carter who at that time was the worst President ever, at least until Obummer won his rigged election. The preferred ending if Carter won this huge celebration and the Ark is on display at Westboro Baptist in Topeka, KS which is probably the most religious place on earth.

The Great Communicator Ronald Reagan won, so what does this clown Spielberg do? He hides the Ark in a huge government warehouse, next to the masks that AOC stole to sell, just to make Reagan look incompetent. Sorry pal. It didn’t work, he didn’t need your fake movie to do that.”

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