Speaking on the congressional podium yesterday with the full attention of the room before her, the Democrat’s cutest little churro picante went off on a strange and possibly insulting tangent when it came to vetetans and their benefits.

“Like, veterans of the military, you know?  They owe us all a lot of thanks for their precious benefits.  They wouldn’t have shit if it wasn’t for us.  They’d be eating canned cat food underneath an overpass like the rest of life’s failures.”

As colossal failures themselves, the Baio family took offense and ate themselves to death.

No one is quite sure where the rant came from except for the theory that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be a member of the so-called “illuminati”, a collection of secretive operatives concerned with the implementation of the “New World Order.”

“Its the only explanation that fits,” says Sandy Batt, (R), West Carolina.  “She kept going on and on, about local police that should ride on the backs of beavers and schools letting students have gay parades.  It’s twisted.”

“Twisted” or not, Cortez is consistently in the news media for her remarks and actions, which, as a woman, have become more and more unacceptable.  We all get that females are the key to repopulation of the white race.  That’s why we’re forbidding them from aborting.

In short, with this latest outburst, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is becoming extremely dangerous in her obvious volitility.  Perhaps a trip to FEMA camp would do her more than a bit of good.


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